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“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Our luxurious, brand new Platinum Moments Magic Mirror is a novel twist on a group selfie! You can create memories that guests are able to take home with them instantly.  

Our mirror talks to each of your guests and encourages everyone to press the button and strike their best pose. Our on-screen magical display counts down to guests, allowing them to be ready for their best selfie shots. 

Our Platinum Moments Magic Mirror is ideal and perfect to set up in entrances and main rooms of ANY venue, it’s bound to capture the vibe of the evening wherever you are! Whether you’re in Essex, Kent or Greater London, our Magic Mirror will make you feel like you’re on the red carpet in Hollywood. 

Our mirror comes complete with a huge prop box addition filled with glamorous options to allow you to pose with added confidence, or you could opt for our wacky prop selection and relax and pull those faces only you would usually dare show yourself  in your bathroom mirror. 

Just like our famous Photo Booth, you’ll still get instant print outs, complete with personalized captions to really make your Magic Mirror experience one to remember.

Get in touch with our nice team to see whether it’s available for your special day. Hurry!